Post Vacation Blues: 2015 Edition


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cousin fun at ricks!

cousin fun at ricks!

Réveillon. In French, this is the word for New Years Eve, or with the addition of “ de Noel,” the night before Christmas celebrations. However this Sunday night, many of us are dreading the eve upon which Monday comes. The Réveilleon of back-to-work.

I wrote about the post vacation blues last year, and though I’m a year wiser older, the feeling has returned. I feel so lucky to have an employer and boss who allowed me to take the full two weeks of Christmas and New Year’s off, and for all the relaxation, revelry, and joy it allowed. I had one of my favorite Christmas celebrations ever, drinking champagne with my cousin and fearlessly singing along to my Aunt Peg’s amazing piano playing. I spent time in downtown Detroit with my parents, seeing Wicked and checking out the Eastern Market, enjoying brunch at Vivio’s and a couple bloody mary’s to boot. And no trip would be complete without an Ann Arbor cousins bar crawl, carousing our way through the downtown public houses, impromptu ending our evening with singing the Gambler at Rick’s.

In the New year I’m still in the same city, have the same job, cherish the same humans as my friends. The marked way life differs this year as that I am one half of a wonderful relationship, thankful everyday for the intelligent, talented, fun-loving man I have the privilege of calling my boyfriend.

But the fog of the post vacation blues linger, despite me and the man spending a lazy Sunday eating eggs and watching football. If you pressed Single Meggie, she probably would have conjectured that the blues (and generally everything) would be better once she was in a relationship. And while I’m so lucky to be in one, it hasn’t magically made everything better.

Idealizing the greener grass is something we (or at least I) am an expert at. Once I get this job, once I get this raise, once I get this apartment, once I find my passion…..then and only then will things be good, right, the way they ought to be. Only then will I relax on the Sunday night back-to-work eve contented, ready and truly excited for Monday’s alarm to ring. Only then.

And while I don’t think I’ve found my “calling” in life, I suspect that even those who have might feel the blue réveillon fog settle upon them. Even if they have the job, the partner, the raise, the apartment, the purpose. Work is work, change is change, and life is hard. Perhaps the blues of this eve won’t ever evaporate, and the best we can do is accept its omnipresent existence.

And do our best to appreciate the beautiful things that have come to pass over the past 365 days, and add “get excited about the mysteries of the year to come” to our Monday morning to-do list.