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Happy New Year all your bodacious body lovin’ blog readers (err, all 9 of you)! After a brief hiatus to gallivant around the Czech Republic, live it up in London, and relax over the holidays, I’m back.

Being home over the past couple of weeks has meant watching ample amount of daytime talk TV (my family’s proclivity is for ‘The View’). Over the past several days, most of the discussion has centered around New Year’s Resolutions. Losing weight, getting fit, and finding relationships have seemed to be the topics of discussion for 2014.

While I normally eschew resolutions of my own, this year I have one to keep: continue to meditate everyday.

In mid-December I started using the Headspace app, which is daily guided meditations by British former Buddhist Monk Andy Puddicombe. I started out of curiosity (and a free Google license), and found that it was a relaxing way to take ten minutes out of my work-day. I’ve continued while home in Michigan, and here’s what I’ve noticed so far from my 15 days of meditation:

– I have a lot of resistance to getting started, and generally don’t meditate until the evening having procrastinated all day

– I sit down with a ‘let’s get this over’ mentality

– The first minute is full of fidgeting; it takes awhile to get settled

– During the Head-to-toe body scanning exercise, I’ve categorized my belly as an ‘uncomfortable’ area of my body nearly everyday

– Once the meditation directs you to start counting breaths in and out, I find it relaxing.

– Sometimes I feel like I’m floating, swaying, or about to fall asleep

– I’ve felt better, more relaxed, and accomplished after each session, and happy I sat my butt in the chair for 15 minutes.

Looking back at this list, it seems like an antithesis of any sort of enlightenment. But I’m determined to come back to it, entitling this post ‘part 1’ as I want to continue to report my progress.

My goal with this is not attainment of a Buddha like state. Rather, I hope to cultivate the ability to stop checking Facebook so frequently, stay more fully engaged at work and with friends, and to develop the calm and peace of mind to not incessantly keep checking my non-blinking phone just to make sure that cute guy I went out with hasn’t texted.

I hope that continuing to slog back, sit down, and be still day after day will start to bring these qualities into my daily life, and help further the journey into being well in my skin.