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Hello, world! I’m Meggie. Welcome to my small corner of the internet where I will share my adventures in becoming fully comfortable in my body, mind, and spirit. Bien dans sa peau in French literally means ‘well in your skin.’  You recognize these people immediately. They move with effortless grace and ease, naturally and fully inhabiting every inch of their body. Their presence is confident, actions fluid.

I’ve never been one of these lucky ones. From the time I can remember, there was always something to be self conscious about, some way that my body was not right. In the second grade, sitting Indian style for story time, I noticed that my thighs had a fleshy crease above the knee. Why couldn’t I have the thin, perfect, boyish legs of Megan or Jessica?

At age 29, I’m entering the twilight of my twenties.  I am admittedly terrified of 30.  It seems like a looming cliff,  my senses totally unknowing of what’s to come when I fall into the next decade.  30, however, does seems a great milestone to commit to the goal of becoming one of these lucky ones. Not a praying-mantis-stick-legged Jessica, but a fully grown, curvy, sexy, confident, woman fully inhabiting and enjoying being in her own body.

A woman who is bien dans sa peau.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

With love and hope,



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